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Mali Morris

Written by @MaliMorris   
Tuesday, 27 March 2012 05:49

One of the best 1 liners in a movie has to be by Tony Montana in Scarface he said "All a man has is his word and his balls and I ain't breaking either"

Fellas, we keep being told that times are hard out there, that the Western world has never faced and economic  crisis like this before. But I think this is a great time, this can be our renaissance era. The time when our Mothers and Daughters, our Sisters and Wives look to us for leadership, commitment and loyalty to see them through it.

I watched President Barack Obama speaking to a black gentleman at one of the Californian Town Hall Meetings (03/18/2009) He told Obama that he had worked 13 years solidly at Toyota. He was recently laid off and now, due to a criminal conviction from 20 years ago couldn't find a job so now what does he do?

My first thought was, how did this jail bird get so close to the president? My second was a wave of love understanding kinmanship and empathy towards this stranger on the screen. Because the resolute steadfastness, the pride conviction and character of this guy was just there bubbling up from under the cool surface without excuse or apology he just wanted to provide for his family.  And as he tells the president that he has a family to look after, he points to his wife who, just at her husband's acknowledgment is overcome with emotion too.

Brothers, Our families need us to come through. This is do or die, no exception, no excuse no reason or circumstance can we give to not make it happen.

Although President Obama is not at fault for the American trillion dollar deficit he does bare responsibility for it. He likened the situation in Washington to being on American Idol, but with all the judges being Simon Cowell! So we too may find ourselves in maddening situations that we may not be totally at fault for and our women may not be our biggest cheerleaders at this moment in time, but in all this, like the gentleman at the town hall meeting we have nothing left to say, or do but to put our word and our balls on the line and make things happen!

If you want to see the town hall meeting you can find it here ( fast forward to 1 hour 6 minutes to see the clip I referred to.

I too am doing anything and everything I can think of to come through for those relying on me, A friend of mine asked me whilst I was busy pitching for work, why are you offering services that you can't do? I told her, because I will do whatever I have to make it happen for us.

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